WBG Mission

WBG is committed to providing its members the necessary tools to brighten their financial picture. Our Mission is to provide direction, financial knowledge and opportunities to those individuals and families that have shown a commitment and determination to recover from their economic setbacks.

Student Loan Services

We can offer assistance navigating and understanding loan programs for borrowers with Federal student loans, including PLUS, Perkins, and other loan types.

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Money Savings

We provide a comprehensive Value Benefits Program specifically designed towards our members’ needs and financial goals.

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Financial Education

Our vision is to help our members understand the importance of money management and become successful in their individual financial purposes.

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No Obligation Initial Consultation

Are you burdened with crippling debt? Financial stress? Are these issues preventing you from saving, advancing your career, or making ends meet? We specialize in helping individuals achieve a positive financial future through wise money management, money-saving benefits, getting out of student debt and using credit wisely. Start with a no-obligation initial consultation to determine if our services and membership are right for you.


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Our Services Overview

We are dedicated to helping members find relief from their debt and financial stress.


Our coaches are trained to offer guidance and support for consumers seeking to improve their financial lives.


We can provide financial resources, direction, knowledge and opportunities to help committed people who are determined to overcome their economic stressors.


Whether you're seeking relief from student debt or want to learn how to improve your finances, we have the experience and resources to help.


One of our goals is to educate and enlighten consumers seeking answers to their financial questions.

Western Benefits  Group


We help consumers overcome LIFE challenges through the benefits of membership, including our Value Benefits Program.


Start with a confidential NO-OBLIGATION INITIAL CONSULTATION to determine if our services are right for you. Call 855-286-3818


If at any point you are not satisfied with the services we are providing, you can request a cheerful refund. See our Refund Policy in our membership agreement for details.

100% US Based Customer Support

We’re proud to provide our customers U.S. based customer support. Our friendly representatives are always standing by and waiting to help.

  • With the help of Western Benefits Group, my monthly payments dropped from $670.00 to $25.00 per month. I never knew that it could be possible. This makes my life a whole lot better!

    -Houston TX, Brian K.

  • Like most, I stay busy working to pay my bills. I was living check to check thinking I had no options. A friend recommended I call Western Benefits Group...I'm glad did. With their help I was able to quickly reduce my debt and lower my monthly debt payments.

    -Ontario CA, Larry M.

  • Thank you WBG. Sometimes you need someone to help you understand your options and guide you with your finances. That's exactly what Western Benefits Group did for me.

    -Athens GA, Maria K.

Western Benefits  Group

Our Philosophy

We offer guidance and support for consumers seeking relief from their student loans.

We believe that everyone is capable of owning a home, living comfortably, and saving for retirement. Your current debt should not get in the way of financial freedom; all it takes is education and a little assistance.

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